Easy Connect Set

Additional Features

  • Contains: 1 x Magnetic bit holder - 25mm - 1xPH1, 2xPH2, 1xPH3, 1xPZ1, 2xPZ2, 1xPz3, 1xTX10, 1xTX15, 1xT20, 1xT25, 1xT30, 1xHX3, 1xHX4, 1xHX5,1x,HX6, 1xSL4, 1xSL5, 1xSL6 - 50mm - 1xPH1, 1xPH2, 1xPH2. 1xPX1, 1xPX2, 1xPZ3, 1xSL4, 1xSL6 - Metal drill bits Hex Shank, 1x2mm, 1x3mm, 1x4mm - Masonry drill bits hex shank, 1x4mm, 1x5mm, 1x6mm - Wood Drill bits Hex shank, 1x6mm, 1x8mm - 5 x 5mm plastic wall plugs - 5 x 5mm screws for wall plugs



  • Warranty

Unfortunately, this specific product is not eligible for any warranty. Whilst this product is not eligible, further information about our warranties can be located below.


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