IRWIN (R) TRADE STRONG (TM) Strait-Line (R) Tape in Environment with Square and Pencil


The line of IRWIN® Squares includes easy-to-read measuring and layout tools for drywall technicians, carpenters, roofers, and framers. Check out the full line of combination, steel, rafter, tri-squares, T-bevels, and framing squares.


SKU#: 1794464

7 in. Aluminum Rafter Square

Size (in.): 7 in.
Color: Silver

SKU#: 1794463

7 in. Rafter Square 

Size (in.): ‎7 in.
Color: Blue / Yellow

SKU#: 1794448

16 in. x 24 in. Aluminum Framing Square

Size (in.): 16 in.
Color: Silver